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I have found a 2010 Bailey Pegasus Caravan that I would like to buy at a caravan dealer near me. It is £12,000 and I need to arrange some caravan finance for £10,000. Can you tell me the longest period that you can arrange this over and how much this will come out to per month? I have a good credit rating as far as I know and would like to find the best deal possible. The Caravan dealer quoted me £283 a month over 4 years with an APR of 15.9% which sounded a bit high to me. Can you do better and save me some money?

Hello Roger and thanks for your email.

If you are looking for caravan finance for £10,000 then £283 per month does sound on the high side if you have a good credit rating. Our APR for caravan finance starts at 9.9% but it will depend on several factors like whether you are a home owner and what your income is. I think there is a very good chance that we could save you money so please could you complete our easy and quick caravan finance application form and we will take a look straight away. We made need to see your last three months bank statements to prove affordability to the finance company so maybe get those out ready just in case.

Once we have you approved for caravan finance we can contact you with the best monthly payments and interest rates available so you can decide on which one to take. We may also be able to spread the loan over 5 or 6 years which would reduce the monthly payment for you if you so wish.

If you want an idea of monthly payments you could also visit our Caravan Finance Calculator which will work out roughly what your loan will cost per month.

For more information please visit our caravan finance information page or you can telephone us on 0800 066 2882.

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