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Having read your website I notice that you are able to help provide motorhome finance even if I have bad credit history. I wouldn’t say my credit history was really bad but I have missed a few payments due to my personal circumstances and the motorhome dealer tried Black Horse Finance who said that they couldn’t help me. Apparently my credit score is not high enough and even though I have a £2000 deposit and have a steady income I am considered too high a risk! Can you help me?

Hi James and thanks for your email.

I am sorry to hear that you had no luck with Black Horse but the good news is that you are not alone and their are plenty of people in exactly the same situation. Big banks like Lloyds Black Horse are now very anti-risk and do not want to lend to anyone that has experienced any kind of difficulty even if it was in the past.

We however work with a select number of lenders who can provide motorhome finance even if you have bad credit, as they understand that not everyone is perfect and will judge you on your present situation not on your past. So if you have £2000 deposit and can prove that you have a good income then there is no reason that we cannot provide you with an offer of motorhome finance over 4-5 years even if you have bad credit history.

If approved, we will then speak to the motorhome dealer and sort out all the paperwork directly – leaving you to collect your new motorhome and plan your next holiday. Need more information before you start your application? Find out more about buying a motorhome on finance.

To apply just complete our online application form or call one of our finance advisors on 0800 066 2882.

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