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I have been looking at motorhomes and you may think I’m mad but I have found one I want to buy and it is £76,000. It is a 2014 top of the range Fiat Auto-trail Comanche model and having spoken to the dealer they are prepared to accept £68,000 as it is a quiet time of the year. It is obviously quite a lot of money and I will therefore need some kind of motorhome finance so that I can buy it. I have spoken to the dealer about borrowing £50,000 and they say that the longest period they can do this over is 5 years which means the monthly payment is coming out at around £1100. This is just about affordable but it would be better if it was nearer £750 a month. Are you able to arrange motorhome finance over a longer period, say 10 years?

Hi Nancy and thanks for your email and the pictures you sent us.

I must say it does look very nice and I can see why you like it.

Yes we should be able to help you with motorhome finance over a longer term and 10 years is not unusual for us as long as it is not very old which you have told us it is not. Some finance companies will only go up to 5 years but we work closely with a selection of specialist lenders who understand the leisure vehicle market and realise that a motorhome that costs that much is still going to be worth a lot in 10 years time.

You also have a good sized deposit so this will assure the lenders that you are a good bet and encourage them to lend to you.

Initially we will need you to complete our online application form so that we can get you approved with one of our lenders. Then we will need your bank details and the motorhome details like the registration number and the mileage so that we can get the vehicle checked against the size of the loan for the motorhome finance required.

Once this is done we can quote you exact monthly payments for the motorhome finance and we can speak to the dealer to arrange an invoice and finalise things with them.

Your finance documents will then be emailed to you for signing and when we have received them back the funds can be sent to the dealer so you can arrange to collect your new holiday home.

For more information about motorhome finance CLICK HERE to visit our motorhome information page or you can phone 0800 066 2882 if you have any further questions.

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