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I am looking to buy a caravan, I’m not sure how much for yet but can I add my wife to the application?

3 January, 2017

Hi Will, Thanks for enquiring about finance for a caravan. Most of your loans do not require a partner on the application, however we can do this if you prefer. Joint applications are something we are experienced in. Feel free […]

Hello. Can you help me? I want to arrange static caravan finance. With poor credit history, am I eligible for finance? Other sites have turned me down and it’s getting really frustrating. I don’t want past financial choices to keep affecting my future.

18 November, 2015

Hi there, we understand that trying to secure finance with a less than perfect credit score can be frustrating – but at Pegasus Caravan Finance, we’re more concerned with your credit present than your credit past. We work with a […]

Hi. I need static caravan finance for £25,000 – can you help? I can’t afford a deposit and I need to get this sorted ASAP. Other sites have little to no information about this and no one else seems to be able to help. Thanks.

18 November, 2015

Thank you for your question – this must be frustrating for you, but you’ll be pleased to know that Pegasus Caravan Finance offers flexible static caravan finance deals between £5,000-£250,000. Our experienced team will help you every step of the […]

I’m hoping to do some travelling and I need caravan finance. With no deposit, could you still help me? Other sites have turned me down because I can’t put down a deposit, but I have very little savings and would rather put them towards travelling if possible.

18 November, 2015

Hello and thank you for your question. Travelling sounds great – and hopefully we can help! At Pegasus Caravan Finance, you can borrow between £5,000-£250,00 – and there’s no deposit required. Whether you’re buying through a dealership or from a […]

Hi. I’m looking for some help. I’m 52 and have made some poor financial choices in the past – unfortunately, these are now getting in the way of my future. I’m looking for caravan finance. With bad credit history, am I able to apply? Steve

18 November, 2015

Hi Steve, thanks for getting in touch about bad credit caravan finance. Of course we understand your concerns, but at Pegasus Caravan Finance, we have flexible deals to suit all credit scores. We work closely with a number of lenders […]

Hi. I’ve been looking for help with buying a motorhome and can’t seem to get any straight answers. Can you help? I need motorhome finance. With bad credit history, am I eligible? I have some savings but can’t afford a huge deposit. Thanks.

18 November, 2015

Thanks for your question. You’re not alone when it comes to a poor credit history – and while many lenders would turn you away, Pegasus Caravan Finance can help. We have a range of motorhome finance deals to suit all […]

Hi, do you offer motorhome finance for private sales as well as motorhomes bought from a dealership? I have found the perfect motorhome but it’s from a private seller. I’d really to prefer from this person as it’s someone I know and feels like a safer option than buying a motorhome from a stranger.

18 November, 2015

Hello, thanks for your question. Great news that you’ve found the perfect motorhome. It’s a sensible choice to consider buying from someone you know – and you’ll be pleased to hear, we can help! Pegasus Caravan Finance offers flexible motorhome […]

I was recently recommended to you by a friend for help with static caravan finance. I have found a static caravan that I would really like to buy for me and my family to use in the holidays and is for sale with Park Resorts in Brynowen in Wales. The price is £25,000 and I would like to borrow the full amount if possible as the lender that the park suggested does insist on quite a big deposit which I don’t have available at the moment due to the cost of a large family! I can however manage to pay back about £350 a month and would be interested to find out how quickly I could pay back the loan. Before I apply and incur any searches on my credit profile can you tell me if this is all possible please. Many thanks, Simon.

17 November, 2015

Hi Simon, Thanks for your email regarding static caravan finance and thank you to your friend for recommending us! At Pegasus Caravan Finance we specialise in static caravan finance and work with a panel of lenders who understand customer’s needs […]

Having read your website I notice that you are able to help provide motorhome finance even if I have bad credit history. I wouldn’t say my credit history was really bad but I have missed a few payments due to my personal circumstances and the motorhome dealer tried Black Horse Finance who said that they couldn’t help me. Apparently my credit score is not high enough and even though I have a £2000 deposit and have a steady income I am considered too high a risk! Can you help me?

16 November, 2015

Hi James and thanks for your email. I am sorry to hear that you had no luck with Black Horse but the good news is that you are not alone and their are plenty of people in exactly the same […]

Can you tell me which motorhomes are best? I don’t know what I should be looking for.

18 June, 2015

Hi, this can be the most difficult part of purchasing a motorhome – where to begin? When it comes to motorhomes, the best motorhome for you depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Our motorhome reviews cover a variety of […]