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Reverse Your Caravan Like a Boss

November 22, 2016

A reversing assistant creates the reassurance for a driver when trying to manoeuvre such a large vehicle. Whether it is a passenger jumping out to guide the caravan back or some modern technology, below we have some tech that could be just what you need!

Trailer Vision Digi-Lite CameraPegasus Caravan Finance | Reverse Your Caravan Like a Boss

Using wireless technology, this camera is free from unwanted interferences. It has a small, wide angle camera that can either be fitted in or around the caravan’s number plate. The camera connects to a 3.5 inch colour monitor mounted on the windscreen to show the rear of the caravan when reversing.

Waeco Perfect View VT100 CameraPegasus Caravan Finance | Reverse Your Caravan Like a Boss

This is the latest from Waeco and uses your smartphone as a reversing monitor. A Wi-Fi transmitter connects to a Waeco camera at the rear of the caravan, whist being able to use your smartphone to view the footage. There is a huge range of compatible cameras as these are sold separately you can choose which one is best suited for you caravan, trailer or horse transporter.

Pegasus Caravan Finance | Reverse Your Caravan Like a BossXvision Caravan Reversing Sensor System

With the least amount of wiring needed, simply attach the led display to the windscreen and plug it into the cigarette lighter for power. The system automatically activates when reverse gear is selected. A solid sound is emitted if the sensor detects an object within 150cm from the rear of the caravan, LED lights will also shine as a warning when an object is within 60cm.

Road Pro Reversing Sensor Kitsensor

The Road Pro uses a system of four sensors along with a visual display. A buzzing noise will signal when within 1.5m to 30 cm of an object. The display can be hidden under the dash if the visual aid is distracting for the driver.

Accidental damage when manoeuvring has become one the most common caravan insurance claims. Using reversing caravan’s aids helps to reduce this probability by giving the driver a much better view.

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